bCRO DeFi Use Cases

Initial Use Cases at Genesis

Since day 0, we understood that in order to realize the benefits brought about by CRO liquid staking, bCRO has to be an asset utilized and accepted across DeFi applications in Cronos.

Our initial partnerships will be with DEXs and Money Markets to provide the following utility:

1. Liquidity across Decentralized Exchanges

bCRO holders can provide liquidity in liquidity pools to earn trading fees and yield farming rewards.

bCRO/CRO pool: This pool aims to be a stable pool as bCRO and CRO are essentially pegged assets with a slowly increasing exchange rate of ~11-12% a year and thus very minimal impermanent loss. We aim to drive deep liquidity into this pool to reduce slippage until a stableswap DEX with deep liquidity launches Cronos.

bCRO/XXX pool: Other bCRO pairs essentially provide the same utility as the equivalent CRO pairs. These pools will gradually be introduced after bCRO/CRO pool has established sufficient deep liquidity and as bCRO TVL gradually rises. (i.e. bCRO/USDC, bCRO/ETH, etc.)

2. Collateral for Lending on Money Markets

bCRO can be used as collateral for lending or be supplied out on money market platforms. bCRO can also act as a useful asset for leverage on CRO as users use bCRO as collateral to borrow more CRO to stake on Argo and loop the process.

Other Potential Use Cases

We will be actively onboarding new and high-quality partners across Cronos to further increase the utility of bCRO. Potential partnerships:

  • DeFi Option Vaults: bCRO used as an asset in covered call and covered put vaults.

  • Lossless Pools: bCRO as an asset within lossless prediction pools

  • GameFi: bCRO as an asset usable within Play-to-Earn and Play-and-Earn games

  • Stablecoin Collateral: bCRO utilized as collateral for certain decentralized stablecoins

Our long-term goal for bCRO is to be used in place of CRO as the capital-efficient currency of choice in the Cronos ecosystem.

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