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Playing the Argo Lottery gives you a chance to win huge xARGO prizes! Just remember, you need to hold an Argonaut to play, and tickets are in xARGO. Let's dive in!

  • Lottery ticket cost per ticket: 200 xARGO
  • Individual user Lottery entry limit: 20 tickets
  • Overall round entry limit: 1000 tickets
  • Time per round: 44 hours
  • Paying for one ticket will give users a random 6-digit combination with each digit being between 0-9, for e.g. “1-9-3-2-0-4”. Match numbers from the left to win prizes—the more numbers that match, the bigger the prize pool you'll share in.

Each Lottery ticket costs 200 xARGO. However, holding more Argonauts entitles you to a series of discounts, shown in the table below
What this means is that someone holding 10 Argonauts, they only pay:
200 * (100%- Discount ) = 200 * (100%-10%) = 180 xARGO for each ticket.
Do note that Argonauts have to be held in the wallet purchasing the ticket for it to count!

Match numbers, from the left side of your ticket consecutively, to the winning numbers drawn at the end of a Lottery round.
  • Matching even just the first number will win you a small prize.
  • Match more numbers to win a share of a larger prize pool.

‌At the end of each lottery round (48 hour cycle), 6 lottery balls will be drawn. Each ball will have a random number from 0 to 9.
Now, on your ticket, there will be also 6 numbers (either randomised or manually picked - more on this in Lottery Mechanics)
To win, your numbers need to match the drawn numbers in the same order as the lottery balls, starting from the left of the ticket. For example.
Drawn Numbers:
Drawn Numbers
Your Ticket A:
Ticket A
In the example above, five of the ticket's numbers match the same drawn numbers, in the exact same order: all except the fourth one.
However, since the fourth digit does not match the drawn number consecutively, only the first three digits count as matching in order. The last two digits don't count since they were not consecutively matched. This would win a Match 3 prize.
Ticket B
Here's an unlucky one, Ticket B. Even though the last five digits match, the first digit doesn't match, so this ticket doesn't win anything at all. Why?
Remember: The digits must match in order, starting from left to right. In this case, the first number isn't matching at all and thus this ticket doesn't win.

You will only share in prizes from the highest prize bracket you are eligible for. A ticket matching the first three numbers will only be eligible for prizes from the Match 3 bracket, and not for the Match 1 or Match 2 brackets
Prize Bracket
Prize Split
Match 1
Match 2
Match 3
Match 4
Match 5
Match 6
‌After a round is drawn, and tickets with matching numbers are determined, the prizes are awarded. The amount won by each ticket will depend on how many other tickets won in the same prize bracket.‌
For example, if you have the only ticket that matched three numbers in order, and the predetermined share of the prize pool for your bracket was 20,000 xARGO, you'll receive the full 20,000 xARGO.‌
If, however, you and three other people match three numbers in order, the 20,000 xARGO would be split between the four winning tickets, meaning you would receive 5,000 xARGO.
Check the Lottery FAQ for more details on the prize breakdown
Prizes are split on a per ticket basis, thus if there are 4 winning tickets in the match 2 prize bracket and you hold 2 of them, you win 50% of the match 2 prize pool.

As you have seen in the table above, 1% of of every round will be sent to our instant unstake mechanism. That means 75% of the xARGO is burned and while 25% is redistributed proportionally to xARGO pledgers.
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