Race to Win

Why are Spaceships important?

In Atlantis, spaceships play a crucial role in earning Gold and Stardust. Players can race their spaceships against other players’ ships to win valuable resources — Stardust and Gold (Note that only Planets can produce Gemstones). Races are won based on speed tagged to each specific race track, so it’s important to have a fast and well-upgraded spaceship to come out on top.

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Spaceships come in 3 rarity tiers

  • Common

  • Uncommon

  • Rare


The speed of the spaceship is determined by 3 factors

  • Rarity of Spaceship

  • Level of Equipment Attached

  • Number of Equipment Attached (up to 3)

Upgrading Spaceships

Spaceships are upgradeable and have dynamic images based on your equipment parts

Unlike Planets, Spaceships in Atlantis are upgraded with Equipment. Attaching higher-level equipment increases the speed of your spaceship.

These upgrades not only increase the speed of your spaceship but also change its appearance. With each upgrade, players can make their spaceship look unique and stand out among the other players.

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Where can I get a Spaceship?

Spaceships are airdropped to all Planet owners right before Atlantis mainnet launch. After this airdrop event, you may acquire Spaceships at:

  • Minted Marketplace

  • Ebisu's Bay

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