DeFi Vaults & Argonauts

What are Argo DeFi Vaults

Argo Finance will be launching the Argo DeFi Vaults in partnership with VVS Finance! The vaults provide a way for users to boost their APR on exisiting Argo Finance related farms on VVS, by staking Argonauts NFTs into the vault

If you're already a LP provider on VVS for our farms, stake your Argonauts to earn more xARGO!

What Farms Can Be Boosted?


  • bCRO-CRO

How Many Argonauts Can I Stake?

You can stake maximum 5 Argonauts to either of each Argo farm to boost your APRs and earn more xARGO! This means that Argonauts staked on ARGO-USDC will not boost bCRO-CRO, vice versa.

Where Can I Get Argonauts?

You can purchase them on Minted or Ebisus Bay. Join the #ARGOFam

How to use Argo Defi Vaults and boost your farms?

  1. Access Argo DeFi Vaults directly from Argo’s DeFi Vault page or through VVS Farms

  2. Stake LP tokens to ARGO-USDC and/or bCRO-CRO farms

  3. Stake your Argonauts to your desired farms (Up to 5)

  4. Enjoy your boosted APR πŸš€ πŸ”₯

Do refer to the Mechanism page for more details on how the boosting works!

Boosting Mechanism (Argonauts)

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