Argo Token (ARGO)

We're building this protocol with longevity and sustainability in mind, and as the protocol grows in functionality and use, this increasing amount of fees will be shared across all ARGO stakers.

ARGO token is the native token of Argo.

ARGO is designed to capture a portion of our protocol's revenues, as such, its intrinsic value should and will scale according to Argo's TVL. Revenue will be distributed to ARGO holders according to a defined mechanism, which is detailed here.

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Design Principles

Our token's design is guided by 5 key principles:

  1. Provides clear utility (and a redemption mechanism) for governance tokens

  2. Stabilizes and grows the price of the governance token

  3. Incentivizes deposits of LPs effectively according to ecosystem needs

  4. Promotes sustainable growth in protocol wealth

  5. Align incentives for long-term holders Vs. mercenary capital

Liquidity Mining Incentives

Liquidity Mining is a double-edged sword that helps to bootstrap initial growth but results in attracting mercenary capital and short-term yield farmers that place extreme downward price pressure on the governance token of the protocol.

We have designed this protocol with longevity in mind and this means sustainable and organic yields. However, we do see the value of liquidity mining in attracting users onboard our platform.

Our incentives will be deployed to benefit and drive the usage of bCRO across the Cronos ecosystem. Additionally, we will focus heavily on the process of gaining protocol-owned liquidity (POL). In doing so, it ensures that in the medium to long term, we would have built up a deep treasury to protect against capital flight and at the same time create the ability to further generate revenue for the protocol - reducing the need to emit liquidity mining incentives.

The goal of a process like this is to ensure that we're not stripping our protocol of value for the sake of providing APY

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