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Why are Planets important?

Planets is a collection of 6,012 NFT collection with dynamic and evolving metadata.

Planets can be thought of as Factories or Lands, producing valuable Gemstones which are the core resources needed to play and progress in Atlantis, but also adds a monetisation angle by being a Gemstone trader in the Atlantis Marketplace.


Element Type

There are 3 planet element types

  • Fire

  • Steel

  • Lightning


There are 3 rarity tiers:

  • Common

  • Uncommon

  • Rare

Each of these planet element types and orbits bears a unique look and also yields Gemstones specific to their element type. A fire planet will produce fire gemstones, steel planets produce steel gemstones and lightning planets produce lightning gemstones. A rare planet will be much more effective than an uncommon planet at producing resources during expeditions


Planets start at level 1 when minted and can be further upgraded to produce more gemstones and stardust per expedition. The maximum level of a planet is level 50.

Planet Expeditions

Planets can be sent on expeditions to earn Stardust and Gemstones, further details can be found in the Expeditions section linked below. Planet Expeditions represent a key play-and-earn and play-to-own mechanism in Atlantis.

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Upgrading Planets

Planets can be upgraded to increase their expedition yield of your planets, allowing the player to earn more resources.

Planets are also dynamic NFTs and as they are being upgraded, they'll change in visuals, becoming more vibrant and detailed. The higher your level, the more enhanced your planet image gets.

Higher Planets are more valuable as a result and may most likely command a higher premium on secondary markets.

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Where can I get a Planet?

You may purchase a Planet from the following secondary markets:

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