How to stake equipment on spaceships

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How does the Spaceship Dock work?

Equipment can be attached and unattached to your spaceship in order to increase or decrease its overall speed and reward winning capabilities.

When attaching a piece of equipment to a spaceship, the equipment part(s) and spaceship are combined from your inventory (wallet) and merged, resulting in a new spaceship that has the following:

  • New visual from the attached equipment

  • New speed stats from the attached equipment

Said equipment can also be removed from your spaceship. In that process, the equipment will be detached from your spaceship and returned to your inventory (wallet), giving you both your original spaceship and equipment part(s) back.


User A has a common spaceship with

  • Level 1 Thruster (5 speed)

  • Level 3 Exoshell (25 speed)

  • This spaceship has a total speed of 31

User A then equips the following

  • Replace with Level 4 Thruster (35 speed)

  • Level 3 Wings (25 speed)

New spaceship will now have

  • Level 4 Thrusters

  • Level 3 Exoshell

  • Level 3 Wings

  • Total speed of 86

User A will get back the following after successful staking

  • Common spaceship with total speed of 86

  • Level 1 Thruster (Old parts returned)

  • Level 3 Exoshell (Old parts returned)


When attaching equipment to your spaceship, there are a few key requirements that are enforced

  1. Only a maximum of 3 equipment can be attached to 1 spaceship

  2. Only 1 of each type of equipment can be attached to 1 spaceship

How do I do it?

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