Delegation Strategy

How will we delegate staked CRO?

Argo places the utmost importance in our validator selection criteria so as to ensure that all assets (CRO) staked with Argo are staked with the highest quality and best in class validators on the Chain.

In order to be part of the whitelisted validators list, validators will have to fulfill the minimum performance criteria:

  1. Uptime

  2. Minimum self-stake / self-delegation requirement

  3. Average staking returns & commission %

Initial phase - Whitelisted validators In the initial phase, Argo will be selecting the initial list of validators based on the above criteria curated based on the goal of minimizing slashing risk and maximizing staking returns. Argo will start off by delegating an equal proportion of CRO across our 5-10 whitelisted validators.

We have a rigorous selection process and are currently in talks with expert DevOps and validators on Chain to whitelist the premium validators for Argo. You can view the long list of top 100 validators here.

Mid-term - Programmable selection of validators based on key criteria In the future, Argo will rely on an algorithm curated which balances the above criteria with the goal of minimizing slashing risk and maximizing staking returns.

Long-term - DAO governed CRO delegation gauge & slashing insurance Once Argo is sufficiently decentralized, we will transition into a DAO model where validators can lock ARGO to vote in our delegation gauge to determine the proportion of CRO being delegated to respective validators. A slashing insurance fund will also be insured by validators based on their xARGO token staked.

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