Atlantis Testing Guide

The testnet is a special session for all planet holders to get an early glimpse of Atlantis, and at the same time, test the gameplay mechanics and stand a chance to win Atlantis rewards.

As such, there will be some basic requirements to be met during the testnet - with rewards.

To make things more interesting, there'll also be special rewards for certain types of testnet-ers

Basic Testnet Checklist

These are the basic tasks to complete for the base reward. If you are familiar with all these, you can find a shorter and less cluttered list here

1. Convert GOLD to STARDUST

Head over to the Factory to convert GOLD to STARDUST. Simply input the amount of GOLD you wish to convert to STARDUST and sign the relevant transactions.


  1. You should now receive STARDUST in your wallet

  2. An equivalent amount of GOLD should be removed from your wallet

pageHow to convert Gold to Stardust

2. Go on 1 Planet Expedition

Head over to the Expedition page and send a planet on an expedition. Choose from your available planets and sign the relevant transactions to send that planet on an expedition

*hint, at level 20, you can stake an Argonaut to the planet before you send it on an expedition

** hint hint, we should've sent you enough xARGO, gemstones, and Stardust to bring a planet to level 20 with some work on your end


  1. You should now have 1 planet on an expedition in the page

  2. The staked planet and argonauts should not appear in your inventory

pageHow to go on Planet Expeditions

3. Upgrade 1 Inferno Thruster Equipment once

Next, head on over to the equipment upgrade page and upgrade 1 Inferno Thruster equipment.

Choose 2 of the same level of equipment (Inferno thrusters) in the fusion page, click and sign the relevant transaction.


  1. You should now get a higher levelled piece of Inferno Thrusters equipment (level 1 --> level 2, etc.)

  2. Your level 1 inferno thruster balance should decrease by 2

pageHow to upgrade equipment

4. Upgrade Spaceship once

With the upgraded piece of equipment, you'll now be able to increase your spaceship's speed even further than a lower levelled piece of equipment.

Head on over to the Spaceship configuration page. Choose a spaceship, and the equipment you wish to attach and sign the transaction.


  1. You should now receive an upgraded spaceship that has the equipment you chose attached to it.

  2. You should no longer have the attached equipment part in your inventory

pageHow to stake equipment on spaceships

5. Stake 1 Spaceship into any race (any tier)

Next, with your newly upgraded spaceship, head on over to the Spaceship Race page

Select the race that is equivalent to your spaceship's rarity (Rare race for rare spaceship etc.) and stake it. Sign the transaction and you're good to go!

Racing rewards will come live 8th August 0900 UTC, but you are free to stake your spaceships before that


  1. You should now have a spaceship in a race

  2. You should no longer have the spaceship in your inventory

  3. [When the season starts] You should start to see some rewards come in on the race page

pageHow to go on spaceship races

6. Upgrade Planet once

Upgrade your planets over at the planet upgrade page.

Select the planet you wish to upgrade, check you've got the required assets (Gemstones, xARGO, Stardust), and click level up. Sign the transaction and you're good.


  1. Your planet should now show a higher level and improved stats

  2. The relevant amount of gemstones, xARGO, and Stardust will be spent and removed from your wallet

7. Upgrade Fire Gemstone once

Higher-tier gemstones are required for equipment and higher-level planet upgrades

Visit the Gemstone fusion page to upgrade your Fire gemstones. Select the type and quantity of Fire gemstones you wish to fuse - check that you're using and receiving the correct gemstones and click fuse. Sign the transaction and you should receive higher-tier gemstones.

Hint: For the Testnet, we recommend you to only fuse 3 Tier 1 Fire Gemstones to clear this quest. You will need your Tier 1 Fire Gemstones to level up your planets. Fuse wisely!


  1. You should now receive the amount of higher tier gemstones that you've selected in your inventory

  2. 3x the number of lower-tier gemstones will be removed from your inventory

8. List any tier of Fire Gemstone on the marketplace

Head over to the Atlantis marketplace and list your Fire Gemstones for sale! In this scenario, select any one of your gemstones, decide on a listing price, and list it on the market.


  1. Your Fire gemstone will now be removed from your inventory

  2. A listing should appear on the Marketplace

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