Argo Finance

Argo is the easiest way for you to stake CRO on Cronos and maximize the efficiency of your staked assets through liquid staking.
You can find out more on our introduction page:

Liquid staking allows holders of tokens to stake their assets while having a derivative or liquid representation of that asset that they can use in other dApps.
You can find out more in detail here:

By using liquid staking, you gain 3 main benefits:
  • Capital efficiency
  • Instant liquidity
  • Reduced slashing risk
You can read more about it here:

No there is no minimum stake requirement or minimum term

APY by staking with Argo will be similar to staking with a normal validator: 10-12% APY, less 10% protocol commissions.
However, we provide the benefit of having a liquid staking token that can be used in other dApps across the Cronos ecosystem to earn even more APY.

bCRO is a liquid, tokenized representation of the staker’s staked CRO. bCRO enables stakers to gain liquidity over their staked CRO and enables the locked value of the staked CRO to be utilized across decentralized finance applications across Cronos.
You can read more here:

The team is always working on partnering with new protocols to create a healthy ecosystem for bCRO tokens.
As of now, you'll be able to find current partners and utility here:

In addition to the already mentioned benefits, our team consists of DeFi natives and BUIDLers who are here for the long run to contribute to the growth of Cronos and the overall DeFi ecosystem.
We are designed in a way that when you our community wins, we win as well. Our interests are your best interests.

You may refer to the guide we have written here:

You may refer to the guide we have written here:

Staking of CRO is an instant process. However, unstaking comes with 2 methods
  • Swapping bCRO for CRO on a DEX
  • Unstaking via Croasis
The first method is instant, but you'll be paying LP fees as well as slippage. The second method charges a small fee and takes 28 days.

Staking rewards are accrued directly into the value of bCRO, which can be observed by the increase in bCRO:CRO exchange rate.
You can read more about it here:

Argo can only mint bCRO when you stake CRO with us, and burn bCRO only when you unstake CRO. As a result, any bCRO in circulation is always backed minimally by 1 CRO, in addition to the staking rewards accrued to the contract over time.
You can read more about it here:

At the time of writing, Argo charges 3 types of fees
  • Fees from utilising the delayed unstaking function
  • Validator rewards commissions
  • Vault fees
More details can be found here:

Argo is currently being audited and we will release more details once everything has been confirmed.
We're constantly improving the safety of our code and are planning several other audits to reinforce our protocol's security.

We will be looking to partner with a launchpad for a public token sale. More details to be released.

There will be plans for airdrops, but in a more unique format that benefits both the protocol and supporters of Argo. More information outlined in the following section:

  1. 1.
    Unstake your CRO from
  2. 2.
    Bridge CRO over to Cronos via bridge
  3. 3.
    Stake CRO on Argo
Detailed steps can be found here:

  • Unstake your CRO from App Earn
  • Send CRO to Cronos via Defi Wallet or Metamask
  • Stake CRO on Argo
Detailed steps can be found here:
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