How to unstake equipment on spaceships

Spaceship Equipment Unstaking Process?

Similar to equipment staking onto a spaceship, they can also be unstaked and removed if you ever decide that you want to upgrade or sell your equipment


User A has a common spaceship with

  • Level 1 Thruster (5 speed)

  • Level 3 Exoshell (25 speed)

  • This spaceship has a total speed of 31

User A then unstakes the Level 1 thruster

New spaceship will now have

  • Level 3 Exoshell

  • Total speed of 26

User A will receive back:

  • Spaceship with total speed of 26

  • Level 1 Thruster (Old equipment that has been unstaked)

How do I do it?

The process here is slightly different - in staking you would select the equipment you wish to stake and it would appear in the respective equipment slot below. To unstake, you simply leave it empty and click continue

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