Earning Starmaps

Starmaps Crafting (Petz Staking)

When a Petz is staked for Crafting, 1 Map is crafted per petz every hour staked. These Maps are held by your Petz and cannot be transfered anywhere. Thus, all Maps are unique to each individual Petz and cannot be consilidated across all your owned Petz


Starmaps (or Maps) are what is earned by a Petz when it is staked. The Maps that your Petz has crafted till date will be displayed on the Argo Petz site.

Maps do not dissapear even if you've been chosen as a winner. They continue to stay with your Petz until you unstake it.

What happens if a Petz is unstaked?

The Petz loses all current crafted Maps. For example, if a petz has been staked for 10 hours, it should have 10 Maps. Unstaking it would result in those 10 Maps being destroyed.

When a user restakes that same Petz, the number of Maps it has starts from 0 again

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