Earning Strategies

Whilst Atlantis is created with enjoyment in mind, the team is also ultra focused on implementing resource management and strategy into the game - this opens up a series of organic opportunities for players to earn whilst enjoying the game.

Player archetypes

Gemstone Farmer

Gemstone farmers are committed to their planets - dutifully going on expeditions, farming and upgrading gemstones - and selling them on the marketplace

These stones are desirable to users who wish to further upgrade planets or equipment to get a faster ship.

Gold Miner

Gold miners are the quintessential P2E-ers. Participate in expeditions, race your ships, upgrade your arsenal - all for the sole purpose of earning more Stardust and Gold to be sold.

Gold is Good.

The Fixer-upper

As the name implies, these players acquire low levelled or unloved assets and upgrades them

This could involve spaceships, planets, equipment or even gemstones.

By putting in the effort required to get these assets up to level, this player is able to sell them for a premium to other players in the marketplace

The Leaderboardoooooor

Leaderboarders have 1 goal - to remain number 1 in the rankings. For 2 reasons:

  • No one remembers who came second 😏

  • Higher ranked leaderboard participants win higher valued seasonal rewards that can either be sold to other players or compounded to improve their assets to remain on top

Winning never felt this good.

The Achiever

This archetype of player is hydrated, moisturised and unaffected by the happenings in Atlantis - the true Chaddeus Maximus. The goal of such a player is simply to acquire all assets and upgrade them to the max, all for the sole purpose to:

FLEX. Other players wish they could have their Argonauts Hub. Not an earning strategy, just feels good to be one.

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