Raffles and Prizes

What are the odds of my Starmap being chosen (raffled) ?

It is a random selection out of all the Starmaps crafted that week. For example, if a total of 100 Starmaps have been crafted and exist during the draw and there are 5 prizes, each starmap has a 5/100 or 1 in 20 chance of being chosen.

What happens if I unstake my Argo Petz?

All the starmaps you have earned up till the point of unstake will be lost. The next time you stake your Argo Petz, the amount of Starmaps it holds will be reset to 0

Unless you wish to sell or use your Petz somewhere else, it is not reccommended to unstake

What happens to unchosen Starmaps?

Nothing, those starmaps continue to be held by your petz to be used for the next raffle. The only time your starmaps are destroyed is if you unstake your petz.

What Prizes are available?

Prizes will be made known at the start of each week's weekly raffle, where users will be able to see the full list of prizes in the prize page.

Currently in the prize rotations are things like Stardust, xARGO, bCRO, Equipment parts, Planets, Spaceships, Argonauts, etc. The Atlantean Trove is always full of surprises and may contain other prizes in the future!


How do I claim my prizes?

The Argo team will be airdropping the prize to the winners within 48 hours of each draw. But users may view if they won by checking the results page.

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