Atlantis Testnet Rewards

Testnet Achievements and Rewards


Best Planet Farmers

Top 5 whitelisted addresses with the highest planet level at the end of the testnet


Complete all Basic Testing

All users who meet testnet checklist will get a small reward

Airdrop of 2 of each equipment type in Mainnet (total of 6 equipment)

Random Raffle of bug submissions / feedback form

3 winners who submitted form with crucial bugs found

1 Uncommon Planet

Crew3 Twitter/Discord campaign

Top 10 ranking by XP sprint

Top 3: Rare Spaceship Rank 4-10: Uncommon Spaceship


Whilst a we operate in good faith that all players are testing fairly, the team will be systematically watching on chain users exploting the system by transferring assets to and from multiple wallets to boost their planet levels

We want this to be a fair point for all testers and reward those who carefully optimise their ONE account since everyone receives the same value of assets and tokens no matter what.


  • No transfer of assets (planets, spaceships etc.) between wallets

  • All users are only to utilise the assets that they received from the faucet + resources they gained from gameplay

  • Users are able to utilise the marketplace to purchase more resources if needed

Any abnormal valued sales on the marketplace will be flagged and investigated by the team


  • Any user caught flouting the rules or skirting the intended method of testing will have their wallet blacklisted

  • Blacklisted wallets do not qualify for or receive any testnet rewards

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