Atlantis Quickstart

Atlantis is all about resource management and game theory. To start, it is crucial to own assets that will generated these resources.

You'll need to own a planet. If you do not have a planet, get at least 1 from Minted or Ebisus bay

Initiate a planet expedition

  1. You can send these planets on Expeditions to yield Stardust and Gemstones

  2. Visit the Planet Expedition section under Exploration

  3. Click start a planet expedition

  4. Select the planet you want and approve the transaction

Congratulations! You've successfully initiated an expedition. After 7 days, you'll be able to claim your resource rewards and use them within the Atlantis Ecosystem.

You'll be able to view all planets on expedition in the expedition page

Initiate a spaceship race

  1. If you do not already have a spaceship, you can buy one from the Atlantis Marketplace, Minted or Ebisus' Bay

  2. Visit the Spaceship Racing section under Exploration

  3. Click on one of the races available (Common, Uncommon, Rare)

    1. You can only stake a spaceship into its respective rarity race (Common spaceship = common race)

    2. All spaceships will be automatically staked into a global race once you stake them into an above race

  4. Click "Enter more spaceships" and select the spaceship you wish to enter into the race

  5. Sign the relevant transactions and you'll now have officially entered a race

Once your spaceship is successfully staked, you're officially in a race and will start to earn rewards! Rewards can be claimed at any time to be used within the Atlantis ecosystem

What's Next?

Once you've done these two steps, you've already begun your journey towards being an Atlantis tycoon. There's much more to think about and other things to do - so while waiting for your planet expedition to conclude, take a look at the How To Playsection to learn about more things you can do to increase your resource generation potential:

pageHow To Play

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