Key resources needed to progress in Atlantis

Resources will be key items that determine how fast and how well you progress in Atlantis. There are 4 key resources:

Open Market Resource Strategy

Being a fully on-chain game, we strive to innovate, enhance, and push the boundaries of what blockchain token standards can do. Every resource in the game is utilising either the ERC20 (Gold, Stardust, xARGO) or ERC1155 (Gemstones) standard.

As a result, players are free to explore the secondary market for resources that align with their personal game strategy. The demand on these secondary markets indirectly influences the strategy of players - for example, if the price of Gold increases, any NFT that has strong Gold yield potential will increase in tandem, giving players more ways and strategies to deploy their assets. If Gemstones are scarce and deemed extremely valuable, the player that is able to produce Gemstones at scale will gain a valuable advantage.

These resources will play a crucial role in your progress into the Atlantis. xARGO’s utility and value accrual will be further enhanced as it becomes intertwined deeply within the core game loops in Atlantis as a resource to level up planets.


Throughout the game and marketplace, every activity will result in a burn of the assets mentioned above, introducing a strong deflationary element to all aspects of the game - making all assets scarcer.

Game Activities

  • Gemstones 100% Burn

  • Stardust 100% Burn

  • xARGO 100% Burn

Atlantis Marketplace

  • Gold (Fees)

    • 100% Burn

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