Winning & Claiming Prizes

Raffle Selection Period

At the end of every week, a number of Starmaps out of all the crafted maps are chosen at random. The owners of these chosen Starmaps are then given the ability to claim prizes from the Trove.

It is a random selection out of all the Starmaps crafted that week. For example, if a total of 100 Starmaps have been crafted and exist during the draw and there are 5 prizes, each starmap has a 5/100 or 1 in 20 chance of being chosen.

What happens to unchosen Starmaps?

Nothing, those starmaps continue to be held by your petz to be used for the next raffle. The only time your starmaps are destroyed is if you unstake your petz.

How do I get my prizes?

The Argo team will be airdropping the prize to the winners within 48 hours of each draw. But users may view if they won by checking the results page.

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