ARGO Token Distribution


ARGO is a fixed supply token capped at 1,000,000,000 $ARGO

ChannelAmountPercentage (%)Remarks

Public Sale



Instant unlock

Incentive Programs




Community Bounties




Marketing & Partnerships




Protocol Treasury




Team Allocation



24m linear vesting

Public Sale (6.00%)

Tokens that are reserved for our early supporters who may want to acquire more tokens via an IDO. We intend to launch with a sufficient high float to prevent the issue of high demand and low supply resulting in the over-representation of valuation.

Incentive Programs (44.00%)

Tokens in this allocation are reserved to incentivize desirable actions in the community. Argo will not have a typical emission curve, as incentives will be calibrated and given out on an ongoing basis to maximise incentive effects and minimise the stripping of protocol value. These incentives will include:

  1. Liquidity Mining Rewards, where issuance will be carefully calibrated to maximize the benefit of incentives.

  2. Treasure Chests will also constitute a part of these incentives, to reward our community for desirable protocol outcomes.

  3. Other Incentive Programs will be carefully considered, including referral programs or partner rewards.

All incentives given out are carefully calculated to align long-term incentives between the protocol and the community.

Community Bounties (5.00%)

This allocation is reserved for loyal supporters of Argo who have actively contributed to our community and protocol one way or another. Community bounties will be run on an ad-hoc basis and will have detailed articles featuring each campaign.

Marketing & Partnerships (5.00%)

This allocation is reserved for key strategic partnerships, PR marketing efforts, and listings.

Protocol Treasury (20.00%)

Tokens in our treasury are kept in reserve to be utilized only when absolutely needed; for example, community insurance and market-making.

Utility of this reserve will always be carefully considered and aligned to Argo, with eventual governance proposals in mind - it is not an alternative pool of money for the team to use for outside of protocol needs.

Team Allocation (20.00%)

Our team's tokens will be vested and allocated for the purposes of paying team members, core contributors, and for future hiring needs as we continue to expand the Argo development team.

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