Boosting Mechanism (Argonauts)

Boosting Details

Max number of Argonauts staked: 5 per farm Boost per Argonaut: 10% (0.1x) Boosted Reward: $xARGO

Farms Available


  • bCRO-CRO

How It Works

For every Argonaut that is staked into a farm, it provides a 10% / 1.1x boost (up to a max of 5 Argonauts for a 50% / 1.5x boost)

What does that mean? An example:

1. A user has $1,000 worth of ARGO-USDC LP currently staked in ARGO-USDC farm

2. User stakes 1 Argonauts, providing a 10% boost (1.1x)

3. The user’s ARGO-USDC LP value is adjusted to $1,000 * 1.2 = $1,100

4. Because of this boosted LP value, the user now has a greater share of rewards from the ARGO-USDC farm relative to other users = higher APR %

Boosting Formula

With the Defi Vaults, a user’s vault APR can be calculated as follows:

αi=γiνiα=vault APRγ=value of Rewardsν=value of LP\alpha^{i}=\frac{\gamma^{i}}{\nu^{i}}\newline\newline\alpha=\text{vault APR}\newline\gamma=\text{value of Rewards}\newline\nu=\text{value of LP}

How is the value of rewards in the above formula caluclated then?

By staking more Argonauts, a user is able to increase the value of their LP (Adjusted LP) during calculations, resulting in a greater proportion of rewards and thus higher APR

Adjusted LP Value

How we arrive at the adjusted LP value in the formula above is based on:

  • Number of Argonauts staked

  • Actual value of the LP provided into the farm

σi=νi×(1+ArgonautsStaked×0.1)\sigma^{i}=\nu^{i}\times(1+ArgonautsStaked \times 0.1)

Share of Rewards

With the adjusted LP value of a user, we can now calculate their share of farm rewards, which is essentially the a proportional share relative to the total adjust LP value in the farm (ie; after accounting for all other LP provider's adjusted share​


The more Argonauts you stake into a farm (max of 5 for 50% / 1.5x boost), the higher boost on your actual LP value, and higher share of emissions you’ll get.

Now of course, do be aware that if other people stake Argonauts as well, they too will experience a boost in LP value, which may thereby reduce the increase in APR you receive.

Ultimately, the boosted APR will shift over time as users stake/unstake their LP and Argonauts — but a user with staked Argonauts will always have higher APR than one without.

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