How to mint equipment

Mint Equipment loot boxes! Level up Equipment! Upgrade Spaceships! Earn more racing rewards!

Equipment Minting Page

Equipment Minting will be available to all players. Minting price is set at 200 STARDUST per equipment minted

How does Equipment minting work?

Equipment minting is similar to any other mints that you've done. Simply connect your wallet, ensure you've enough STARDUST, and select the amount of equipment loot boxes you would like to mint

After that, simply click Mint and sign the transaction. After the transaction is confirmed, you should receive the corresponding number of equipment in your inventory (wallet).

Minting Odds

Each equipment loot box contains the following odds of getting each equipment part:

Equipment Parts% Odds

Argonium Exoshell (Level 1)


Inferno Thrusters (Level 1)


Thunderbolt Wings (Level 1)


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