Protocol Fees

Argo currently charges fees for the following actions and services. Do note that some fees are only charged if you decide to utilize the service provided. These fees may be subject to change based on future governance votes.

50% of Protocol Fees will go into Argo's Treasury, while 50% will go towards xARGO stakers

Liquid Staking Fees

Validator Commissions

Argo has an ongoing management fee of 10% of validator rewards as part of supporting ongoing product development. This translates to <1% per annum on your value staked, without affecting your principal amount deposited.

Eg. If you have 100 CRO staked on Argo for 1 year with a staking return of 12%, you would have earned 12 CRO as staking rewards. Argo takes a 10% commission on those rewards each epoch, amounting to 1.2 CRO at the end of 1 year and you will receive 90% of the reward (10.8 CRO).

Unstaking Fees

Argo charges a one-time withdrawal fee (0.3%) to users who use Argo's delayed unstake feature to unstake at the current bCRO:CRO exchange rate on Argo.

Argo does not charge any fees for instant unstaking since there will be LP fees and slippage when interacting with the AMMs to swap bCRO for CRO.

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