Chest, Orbs, & XP Mechanics

Chest Mechanics

Each team will have a chance of obtaining various tiers of chests based on their power tier as outlined in the table below. Each of these chests have a certain chance of revealing differing types of Orbs that give XP.

Chest Chances

Orb XP

Each of these Orbs have a different amount of XP in them as outlined below.


An example is as follows with the gear boosted team used in examples above:

  1. You have a Tier 3 powered questing team, thus in each questing round, your team will earn 1 Tier 3 chest

  2. By opening a chest, you have a certain chance of obtaining 1 of the 4 types of Orbs outlined above.

  3. You open the chest and it’s your lucky day, it’s a Rainbow Orb! (5% chance for Tier 3 chest)

  4. This Rainbow Orb is recognized as 20 XP, which is added to the Argonaut's season XP score

  5. As the rounds go by and you obtain more Orbs, the Argonaut's season XP score accumulates and grows

NOTE: Treasure chest, Orbs, and XPs are tagged to Argonauts. Once you transfer or sell your Argonaut away, these treasure chests, orbs, and XPs follows the Argonaut to its new owner.

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