How to convert Gold to Stardust

Gold Factory Page

How does Gold <> Stardust conversion work?

Gold and Stardust are correlated assets within the Atlantis ecosystem that are convertible 1:1, meaning that 1 Gold will always be worth 1 Stardust, and vice versa. All you need to do is to visit the Gold Factory under the Atlantis bank Tab

Converting Gold to Stardust

Gold can be converted to Stardust anytime. Simply input the amount of Gold you wish to convert and approve the transaction to receive the equivalent amount of Stardust immediately

Converting Stardust to Gold

Similarly, Stardust can be converted to Gold at any given time. Stardust will undergo a 6 months transformation to Gold. By converting 1 Stardust today, a player will be able to claim 1 Gold from the Particle Reactor 6 months later.

Tracking and Claiming Stardust to Gold Transformation

A player will be able to track his Stardust conversion and claim transformed gold in the status popup.

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