Reporting Bugs

How to report bugs and make Atlantis better!

Where to report bug?

Please report the bug on our discord

  1. Head over to Discord:

How to format report?

Type of Bug

Write down the type of bug being faced

  • UIUX: issues with how the game links, the looks of pages, any mistakes in wordings and other improvements. For example:

    • Clicked link goes to wrong page

    • Spelling or described item / page is wrong

  • Game Logic: issues with calculations, number of tokens and NFTs given or how the game works in general. For example:

    • Being given less gemstones than what's expected

    • Having more NFTs being taken away when staking than expected

  • Others: issues that fall outside of the two above

Description of Bug

Write down the nature of the bug

  1. What part of Atlantis does the bug affect?

    1. This bug affects the spaceship racing module

  2. What error does this bug result in?

    1. This bug results in the wrong deduction of gemstones...

    2. This bug results in incorrect issuance of Stardust...

  3. Give a specific example

    1. When doing XYZ, 321 Stardust was deducted instead of the stated 421

Steps to reproduce this bug

Write down the steps required to arrive at this bug

Most key bugs are reproducable - meaning that they consistently occur when a certain set of steps are done

For example:

  1. Equip XYZ

  2. Click YZX after

  3. Sign transaction

  4. Error should occur after this step

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