Welcome to the new age of Argonauts P2E

Welcome to Atlantis

Atlantis is an exciting new play-to-earn game within the Argonauts ecosystem. Go on expeditions, find new resources, upgrade your spaceships and race other players for rewards and dominance. Atlantis awaits!

A world of Strategy

In Atlantis, players must carefully manage their resources to maximize their earning potential. This involves balancing the production of Gold, Stardust, and Gemstones, and making strategic decisions about when to sell these resources on the marketplace or reinvest them to upgrade their assets

The game also incorporates elements of game theory, as players must consider the decisions of other players and the overall market trends to make informed decisions about resource management.

The marketplace in Atlantis operates on a free market system, allowing players to set their own prices for resources and making the game even more engaging as players must think about supply and demand when selling their resources. This creates an environment where players must be strategic and innovative in their resource management to succeed and earn the most rewards.

How do I Play?

There are 2 core game loops in Atlantis to earn resources:

Atlantis consists of a few interwoven key assets, namely:

Planets in Atlantis produce Stardust and Gemstones for upgrades and purchases, while Spaceships race for resources. Spaceships can be upgraded with Components for increased speed, and Argonauts can boost both Spaceships and Planets. These resources are crucial for progress and earning rewards in the game.

Dive deeper into our documentation to find out in detail how Atlantis Works

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