Testnet Token Faucet

Source of all your testing tokens and NFTs

Who can use Faucet?

  • Faucet only applicable to Whitelisted Addresses

Max Usage

  • Once. (Each Whitelisted address can only call the Faucet once)

How to Use the Faucet?

What items will Faucet consist of?

  • 300 tCRO

  • 30,000 xARGO

  • 16,500 GOLD

  • 350 x Tier 1 Fire Gemstone

  • 3x Fire Planets (Common, Uncommon, Rare)

  • Spaceships (Common, Uncommon, Rare) of each Rarity (3 spaceships)

  • 10x Argonauts

  • 10x Inferno Thrusters Equipment

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