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Where can I buy Argonauts, Spaceships and Planets?

You can purchase them at Minted or Ebisus' Bay.

Why can't I stake my Argonauts to a planet?

Planets only allow argonaut staking once they reach certain levels. For more information, read about Argonauts Boosting here

I've sent my planets on expedition for more than 7 days, why do I not have more rewards?

Expeditions are only restarted after you've claimed your rewards. Thus, if you haven't claimed them, you'll not continue earning more rewards.

What can I do to become better in Atlantis?

Check out our earning strategies and hone in on one style. There is no one way to become better at Atlantis - choose how you wish to play and study the numbers closely. Resource optimisation is key.

How do I upgrade my planet

Planets can be upgraded to yield more rewards per expedition. You can refer to the following link for guides on the resources and steps needed to upgrade a planet

Why am I receiving less spaceship race rewards than before?

As more users join each race, or begin to improve their spaceships, they'll earn a larger proportion of the race rewards, resulting in lower rewards on your end. In order to remain competitive, get more spaceships, stake Argonauts, improve your spaceship with equipment

How do I increase the speed of my spaceships?

Having a faster ship is crucial to more race rewards. Users are able to drastically increase the speed of their ship by attaching equuipment to them.

  1. Mint equipment (Level 1 equipment)

  2. Upgrade Equipment (to make each piece of equipment better)

  3. Attach equipment to spaceship

Why can't I level up my equipment, I have enough materials.

Levelling up equipment requires a player to fuse pieces of equipment of the same type and level together, not just materials

This means that if you want to level a level 8 thruster to level 9, you require 2 level 8 thrusters to be fused, plus the additional Stardust and Tier 4 gemstones required (if any).

I've converted Stardust to Gold, where can I see it being transformed?

The process of converting Stardust to Gold takes 6 months. In that time, you are able to initiate multiple transformations and can track each of them under the tracker popup on the Gold Factory page. For more information and guides, refer to the link below

I don't wish to wait to get all my materials. Is there a way to get them from other players?

Yes! This is exactly what Atlantis was desgined around - various ways for users to play and earn.

If you're someone who wishes to accelerate certain parts of your atlantis journey, you can head over to the atlantis marketplace to purchase all sorts of items from other players, inlcuding, higher tier gemstones, levelled equipment, spaceships, planets etc.

Does the planet or items I buy from the Atlantis Marketplace keep their levels and stats?

Absolutely, all items retain their stats and levelled, even after secondary market purchase

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