Value Accrual

ARGO's value is intrinsically tied to the cashflow and value of the protocol, which increases proportionally to the usage of bCRO and its TVL .

Protocol Revenue

50% of all protocol revenues will be split pro-rata amongst xARGO pledgers. Argo Finance's revenues are sourced from LP rewards, validator commissions, unstaking fees, and vault management fees.

Fees will be shared in CRO tokens, not from ARGO emissions. We want to make it clear to the community that as ARGO holders, you have a sustainable and tangible stake in our revenue as we grow.

1. LP Rewards

As users trade between our native assets, LP fees will be generated from protocol-owned liquidity (POL). These fees will be accrued to our treasury before being redistributed.

2. Unstaking Fees

Users who wish to delay unstake CRO will pay a small unstaking fee of 0.30%.

3. Penalty Fees

Users who stake ARGO will receive a pro-rata portion of penalty fees paid by xARGO instant unstakers (25% of penalties paid)

4. Validator Rewards Commissions

CRO staked on Argo will be delegated to our validators according to our delegation strategy. 10% of all validator rewards will be taken to be redistributed amongst xARGO pledgers and Argo's treasury.

5. Vault Management Fees

Users of our vaults will incur an ongoing management fee (~0.30% pa), which varies according to the complexity of the vault strategy.

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