Getting Started Guide

Get yourself setup for the testnet

1. Add Cronos Testnet to your whitelisted wallet

Network Name: Cronos Testnet


Chain ID: 338

Currency Symbol: TCRO

Block Explorer URL:

  • Metamask Desktop guide here

  • Metamask Mobile guide here

  • DeFi Wallet guide here

Cronos Testnet web interactions are currently not supported on Defi Wallet

2. Select Cronos Testnet on your wallet

This should be relatively simple, click on the following and select Cronos Testnet

3. Collect your test tokens and NFTs from the Atlantis Faucet

  1. Your whitelisted address would have been airdropped 1 tCRO after the snapshot

  2. Visit the Atlantis faucet:

  3. Connect your wallet and click "Get Testnet Items"

  4. Sign the relevant transactions

  5. You'll receive your test tokens and NFTs after the transaction is confirmed

More details in the following page:

pageTestnet Token Faucet

4. Add in the required Token Contracts into your wallet (optional)

This step is optional as the Atlantis Testnet frontend will already show you how many test tokens and test NFTs you own.

  • Testnet GOLD: 0x228e8cD5527ED02fCFB9E13ED0aDcdD20ab804a8

  • Testnet STARDUST: 0x05D6A40c5e8f2515e2E0c649f4c2718d877f7955

  • Testnet xARGO: 0x6d1397d0A0E83c3177043B3E7Cf142EC2c811E0d

5. Visit Atlantis Testnet

  1. Visit the testnet link:

  2. Connect your Wallet

6. You're now connected and ready to test!

Head over to the Testing guide to learn about what you should be testing!

pageAtlantis Testing Guide

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