Upgrade your Spaceships

Why are Equipment parts important?

Rarer spaceships tend to be fasterβ€Š, but equipment parts also aid in increasing the base speed of spaceships significantly. What this means is that a common spaceship attached with more/upgraded equipment parts can in some cases be faster than a barebone rare spaceship.

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There are a total of 3 types of Equipment parts:

  • Inferno Thrusters (Fire)

  • Argonium Exoshell (Steel)

  • Thunderbolt Wings (Lightning)

All 3 Equipment parts can be equipped on a spaceship, but only 1 of each type can be equipped in any instance.


Equipment parts start at Level 1 when minted and can be upgraded and fused to Level 10.

Upgrading Equipment

Equipment can be upgraded to increase the speed they give to spaceships. Each level of equipment brings a significant speed boost to your ship. Fuse two equipment of the same type and level to receive a higher level equipment part.

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