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Community Farming Event
The Community Farming Event will be repurposed to a later date! Stay tuned for more information
Tokens will be reserved for Argo's supporters, you who decided to use your capital to further our cause. This will be a way for users to farm Argo at very competitive rates. The community farming event will run for a period of 1 month with a vesting starting immediately after the farming event concludes. The vesting period will last 6 months, where ARGO farmed is unlocked on a per block basis in a linear fashion.

Users will stake CRO with us in order to farm ARGO. This CRO will be utilised to generate more yields. While that happens, your CRO can be unlocked and withdrawn anytime - with penalties being imposed, as outlined below

During the entirety of Community Farming, since the ARGO vesting has yet to begin, users who withdraw CRO from the community farming vault will forfeit 75% of $ARGO tokens farmed.

This penalty is applied on your unvested tokens during the 6 month vesting period. It can be calculated by taking the minimum between 0.75 and (time left until end) / 6 months.
penalty=unvested_ARGOβˆ—min(0.75,time_to_end6months)penalty = unvested\_ARGO*min(0.75,\frac{time\_to\_end}{6months})
For example:
Bob has farmed 100 ARGO from the community farming event and 3 months of vesting has already passed, meaning that
  1. 1.
    He has already vested 50 ARGO, thus 50 ARGO unvested
  2. 2.
    There is 3 months left till end of vesting
the penalty imposed for Bob = 50 * min(0.75, 3/6) = 25 ARGO

100% $ARGO will be distributed pro-rata to all participants who did not withdraw CRO from the Community Farming Vaults till the end of vesting period.
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