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Boosting Mechanism (Morale)
MORALE is part of our roadmap and will be delivered in the future
Determination and drive is required in every odyssey. However, even the strongest of us falter. As an Argonaut, it is on you to raise the MORALE of our crew and drive us forward towards greater glory. Pledge your loyalty!

Vault APR Boosting aligns incentives with our long term supporters and routes a larger proportion of LP staking rewards to users who pledge xARGO.
Users of Argo DeFi Vaults will all be earning yields from the base pool, while xARGO pledges will earn additional boosted rewards with the aid of MORALE.

Vault APR consists of two components, base emissions and boosted emissions. Base emissions are what you would normally get from our partner protocols, whereas boosted emissions are extra rewards subsidized by Argo Protocol in the form of xARGO.

Users pledge xARGO to receive MORALE (MRLE). MRLE is required to determine your access to boosted yields.
MRLE only exists aboard the Argo and is a non-tradable token
MRLE is generated per block in a linear manner, and is capped to a maximum of 100 times your number of pledged xARGO tokens. It takes about 180 days to generate the max amount of MRLE , translating to roughly 0.55 MRLE per xARGO staked, per day.
Bob pledges 100 xARGO, he will slowly accumulate X amount of MRLE every block, with a cap of 100 xARGO * 100 = 10,000 MRLE
MRLE does not decay. However, once you unpledge your xARGO, your MRLE is reset to 0.
The max amount of MRLE anyone can accumulate is 100 times the amount of pledged xARGO tokens.
Pledging more xARGO to your existing position will not reset your MRLE and will increase your max cap of MRLE.

A user’s total vault APR can be calculated as follows:
αi=(βi+γi)viα=total vault APRβ=value of annual base emissionsγ=value of annual boosted emissionsν=value of liquidity provided to vault\alpha^{i}=\frac{(\beta^{i}+\gamma^{i})}{v^{i}}\newline\newline\alpha=\text{total vault APR}\newline\beta=\text{value of annual base emissions}\newline\gamma=\text{value of annual boosted emissions}\newline\nu=\text{value of liquidity provided to vault}

A user’s base emissions are determined via the user’s liquidity provided, proportional to total liquidity provided:
In the above formula, x represents the total number of liquidity providers in the vault.

A user’s weight factor is first calculated with the following formula:
ωi=νi×MRLEi,0MRLEi(100×xARGO pledged)\omega^{i}=\sqrt{\nu^{i}\times MRLE^{i}}, \,0\leqslant MRLE^{i}\leqslant (100\times\text{xARGO pledged})
A user’s boosted emissions are then determined based on their weight factor, proportional to the weight factor of all other liquidity providers in the vault who currently have MRLE:
In the above formula, z represents the total number of liquidity providers in the vault that have MRLE.
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