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Argo DeFi Vaults
Vaults are part of our roadmap and will be delivered in the future
Argo will be implementing proprietary strategy vaults to optimize CRO yields and will be a gamechanger to the dynamics of CRO staking.
As a protocol, our goals are aligned with you, our community. We want to seamlessly maximize your CRO yields, and with that, we will be introducing the first-ever CRO strategy vaulting solution on Cronos accessible to both new and native DeFi users.

The Cronos ecosystem is growing exponentially in both TVL and number of protocols. We want bCRO to be the core asset of Cronos, and for our users to take advantage of these yields on top of CRO staking rewards.
However most users face three core problems with yield strategies:
  • Selection: Finding a high APY yield farm is easy, but for newer users, selecting one that isn't innately risky is a bigger challenge
  • Execution: Time and effort needed to implement more complicated strategies across multiple protocols
  • Maintenance: Actively maintaining your positions, from compounding to risk management

Our vaults aim to solve this problem by providing users with one-click access to various DeFi strategies.
By utilising our vaults, our users will have access to:
  • Optimal yields from a set of curated protocols across the ecosystem
  • Easy one-click delegation from CRO for strategies that would otherwise require multiple steps to manage
  • Auto-compounding and position management so you don't have to worry about it yourself
Lastly, our vault users will also have access to boosted yields, which is explained in detail in the section linked below:
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